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SATM comprises three academic departments:

Business Information Management All major organizations place a high value on graduates who combine general business knowledge with solid computer and information management training, plus strong communication and interpersonal skills. The BIM study program is designed to prepare its students for this challenge. Business Information Management is a new discipline which enables the organizations to generate, share and implement the knowledge needed for reaching their goals more efficiently and effectively.
Information Systems and Technologies Information Systems and Technologies offers a four-year BSc. degree in information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) with a curriculum designed to meet the popular and expanding IT industry requirements, complemented by a range of business studies. These include both management and social/communication courses. Our aim is to graduate students who are technically both competent and confident, who are innovative, adaptable, and who have sound teamwork and interpersonal communication skills. A semester-long industrial training opportunity enables them to practically apply their background on topics like database, data communications, Internet and e-commerce applications, system development and programming.
Tourism and Hotel Management Tourism and Hotel Management is not only the fastest growing industry, it is also a global industry increasingly influenced by multi-national enterprises. Thus students who select Hotel Management as their area of specialization will follow a curriculum that prepares them for a career in the hotel and restaurant business both domestically and world-wide. Courses focus on managerial skills, finance and accounting, hotel operations, computer literacy, fluency in English and competence in a second foreign language.

Academic Units

PCC - Planning Coordinating Control Group

ISIC - Idea Storming and Implementation Center